Friday, May 28, 2010

mundane details or styling indecision

I've been a renter for many years, so when it comes to decorating it's always been about accessories. As you know, my favorites are pillows, pottery and paintings. When it was time to decorate my new bedroom, I took stock of my accessories.
I have some beautiful pillows that were cheap from Old Time Pottery. I love this scheme of various blues and greens. I'd love to do a room in these colors. But for me, it's gotta be a scheme that starts with pink.I have a little corner in my bedroom, where I keep changing the accessories. Here's its incarnation with one of my favorite paintings. I adore hot pink, but it's so hot in the house already. Maybe I need to go with cooler colors for summer. Here's some previous styling of this little corner:
This is how it looked last weekend when I was playing with my new thrift finds.

And here it is with one of my spray painted vases, and my turquoise painting. This is one of my favorite paintings, it has an interesting texture to it.
You've seen this version before. This might be my favorite so far. I think the next look my bedroom will take is cool blues. Man, I'm melting.

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