Thursday, April 1, 2010

In the mood for pink

I've been writing about blue a lot lately. But I never forget about my all-time favorite. Pink. Pink makes me happy, and I need a splash of happiness, don't you? Okay then, let's talk pink.

Aren't these rooms wonderful! So much to love here. I love the hot pink, with black pops against all the white. Love the acrylic coffee table, the lamps, the vases on the table. Great style. As you know, I adore white floors. I will have white floors when I when the lottery and buy an atomic ranch. Image via Pink Friday.

I love this image. What's better than pink? A pink phone of course! I love this composition. The pink, the soft lavender of the sofa, the gold pops of the pillow. A great use of color. Image Polly Wreford via Casapinka.

I love this photo! Let me count the ways. I love visible cords. Yes, we have cords, they are a necessary evil. I love the rebellious nature of cords in the open (see more cord love here). Pink sofa, love. Black lamp, love. Mirrored table, love. Blue dress, pink walls, love love. I love rooms that look undecorated, carefree and nonchalant. Note the clever placement of the chairs. Like they've just been plopped there without thought. It's not as easy to accomplish as it looks. Most rooms that attempt to look unstylized actually end up looking over-stylized. Over-stylized rooms drive me crazy! There is not a purse nor a shoe in this photo, and kudos to the artist for that. Maybe this is actually a shop, but I could live here. Maybe we could call this style Shop Chic. Note to self: topic for another post. Image via The Vintage Laundress.

Love the warmth of the pink vanity paired with the cool blue walls. Flickr user Bubbachic.

I love this home! It's feminine, but it's edgy too. My favorite style, Edgy Femininity. This pink sofa is to die for! The brown walls keep it from looking too feminine. Love the vanity stools used as an unexpected grouping of extra seating. I'd like to have a whole collection of these. This home tour is fascinating. Philip & Leong's Live/Work City Space via Apartment Therapy.

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Unknown said...

Thanks so much for including my studio/home in your post - thanks also for all of the lovely words and thoughts - I'm so happy to have found your blog and your flickr and look forward to lots of future visits!

take care,
The Vintage Laundress


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