Thursday, April 1, 2010

Extreme Freelancers

I love blogging. I have a network of support never before possible. It's a beautiful thing how artists support each other. And it's so good to be understood. When I was in the corporate world, people always looked at me like I was weird. Whenever I feature an artist on my blog, I make sure I notify them and I love to hear their feedback. After posting about Rebecca Barfoot yesterday, I received the kindest email from her. She related to what I said about procrastination. I'll quote her words because they really struck a cord with me.
"I definitely feel the challenge of everything I need to do to promote my Etsy shop along with the rest of my art life: maintaining website, responding to business email, applying for residencies, keeping portfolio current, gallery stuff, local arts and advocacy, art writing, teaching and oh yeah, CREATING art! We are extreme freelancers, and the 'One Woman Show' aspect of life can be daunting some days." Rebecca Barfoot.
Whew! No wonder I'm so tired. Sometimes I think returning to corporate America would be easier. But let's face it, I'm an artist. Artists don't have a choice. We create because we must. But there must be an easier way. Maybe I can tap into a collaborative community of artists so I don't feel so overwhelmed. I love art but I'm a little worn out from hardship. Rebecca ends her email by saying, "keep creating and enjoying art and beauty every where." Thank you for those words of encouragement, Rebecca. I will.
What is your take on this, dear readers? How do you fare trying to earn a living by freelancing? Do you have any survival tips to offer? I'd especially love to hear from single women. I may end up doing a thesis on this topic.
Image by Peggy (manipulation of a photograph of stickers on a telephone pole).

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