Sunday, April 18, 2010

Color Obsession: Pink

Dear readers, as you know any color obsession must start with pink. So it's no surprise that as I begin a new path of Spring color obsession, pink is on my mind. But not any pink, a soft pink. Not a pastel pink, but a more mature soft pink. You know the kind, the kind that goes with soft brown, sage, violet, gray, even yellow. Pink is not just a girly color, it can be done in a modern, edgy way. The following image epitomizes the pink that is currently on my mind. Love it.

Lola is a dreamy photographer. Her flickr set is here, and her blog is here. I love her photography so much that I am adding her link to my photo blog.
Jill Simonsen's work is so wonderful, I will be doing a post devoted exclusively to her. For now, her use of pink fits in nicely with this mood. I love how she has taken a familiar fixture - telephone wires and juxtaposed them with trees and birds and done it in a soft way. Feminine, but edgy too. I would love to have some of her works in my home. Isn't it funny how creativity works sometimes? I'd been doing city shots tinted with pink around the time I discovered Jill's work (for my pink city works, click here). But mine are photos. Hers are paintings that look like photos. Amazing.

Oh how I love this work and wish it were mine! I'd love to hang this in my bedroom. I apologize for not knowing the source of this image. If you know this artist, please contact me.

Love the use of soft pink with the gray fabric of the chairs. Image The Vintage Laundress. Very classy.

This beautiful bedroom demonstrates a very classy use of pink. It's soft, and combined with the soft taupe walls and yellow framed mirror is divine. Shelby's Itty Bitty Abode via Apartment Therapy. Shelby is a contestant in this year's Small Cool contest, and my favorite entrant so far.

This picture is a bit more girly than I wanted for this particular mood, but I love it so. Let me count the ways. White floor, check. Pink walls, check. Mismatched chairs, check. Smeg fridge, double check! I dream of owning a Smeg one day. I'd like to see a bit more rustic of a table here, perhaps like this one, but I do love that table and its juxtaposition with the soft pink walls. Brigitte Home.

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