Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beauty Beyond Words: Siba Sahabi

Art lovers, you know how it is. You see something so beautiful, it takes your breath away. It transports you to another plane of existence. You don't need to intellectualize, you feel it. Deeply.
Then sometimes you read an artist's statement and wonder why it's so overly-intellectual. I'll let you in on a secret. It's because the artist is often trying to put into words what cannot be described. And why do we do that? My guess is that humans are wired for language so we feel compelled to define. I maintain that art just is. And sometimes you don't need to describe it. Such is the stunning work of Siba Sahabi. I could intellectualize this work for you, but that would be a disservice I fear. It needs to be felt.

See what I mean? Heaven on Earth. Siba says her "aim is to translate culture into objects." These objects are made of spun paper and are influenced by the ceramics of Moroccan, Asian, Turkish and Iranian cultures. Simply put, they are beautiful.

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