Sunday, April 11, 2010

A trip to Crate and Barrel

Omigosh, have you seen the new Spring collection at Crate and Barrel? It's gorgeous! SNL and I went there Friday and I saw so many beautiful things. Good thing I'm not buying. What's a girl to do? You guessed it - add the stuff to my virtual collection. Ahh. Virtual collections. They cost nothing, take up no room, you don't have to dust them and if you move you don't have to pack them.

These yellow glass vases were very tempting. Aren't they gorgeous! So sunny. I especially love the one in the middle.

And look at this! Turquoise dishes! As you know, that's my color for Spring.

SNL got creative and made sculptures out of square bowls. Aren't they fab? I think they'd be cool with floating candles or flowers. We concurred that she had to have these. I can't wait to see them in her home.

Beautiful Asian-inspired bowl with floating orchids. SNL loves orchids so this gave her an idea how to use her new sculpture.
I love these vases. I also love the organic touches.

Cool wall sculpture based on a mid-century painting. Dear readers, I can't remember the artist who did the painting this is based on. Please contact me if you know. Thanks!

Beautiful print on canvas. I'm amazed at the prints on canvas I'm seeing everywhere. They look like real paintings. Amazing. Hope you enjoyed this tour of Crate and Barrel as much as I did!

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