Friday, April 23, 2010

New Painting

Through Tears, 2010, 24" x 24", acrylic on canvas.

Baby blue is my new favorite color. It seems like a perfect color for Spring and rebirth. The images I see in my head are dancing and soft. I try to combine movement with organic shapes, and I am attempting to do works that are gentle, yet have a graphic quality to them. Like all my works, there are many influences in this painting. One is not so obvious because of the layers. Recently, I attended a lecture about the Mayan calendars. In one of the layers, there are pyramid-like structures. In old texts, the serpent represented wisdom and that was on my mind here as well. Last but not least, I tried to explain below how I look at an ordinary thing - in this case, a wall - and see color. At one point yesterday I was overcome with sadness while looking out the window. My sadness turned to fascination as I observed the optical illusions my tears created. The vegetation seemed to dance, and the wall took on many different shades of blue. And there it is. Too many words. I've said it many times - art just is. And artists, well we do it because we have to.

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