Friday, April 16, 2010

Identity Crisis

My little blogs are suffering identity crises. One of the main features of this blog has been my beloved studio apartment, which I have given up. One of the main features of my photo blog has been the City of Cleveland, which I have also left. Not to worry, I will adapt and find other ways to be creative. The muses are very good to me. I never want for ideas. Only time, money and energy. So today while we contemplate changes and new chapters in our lives, how about some fun fashion photography and illustration? Hope you enjoy.

Wonderful shop window by Tokujin Yoshioka via Yatzer.

Flickr user jmvnoos in Paris.

Christina Entcheva.

Studio Marisol and CuldeSac via Dezeen.

Image source unknown.

Beautiful sink ad by Brizo.

Original multi-media work by Peggy. Because I adore seeing my work among the work of other great artists. Hmm. Maybe I'm not having an identity crisis afterall. I am an artist! And my dear readers, I will have an exciting announcement to make shortly. Stay tuned.

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