Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What I've been working on, Vol. IV

Okay, sometimes I can get fascinated with the most mundane shit. The other day while on a walk, I got fascinated with the tar designs in the street. Why had the city gotten so creative with the swirls? I think people who passed by and saw me photographing the street must have thought I was crazy.

I think these would be cool paintings. As I prepared to play around with swirls on paper, I thought about the paintings I wrote about below. I wanted to do swirls, but I wanted them to be ghostly swirls. I came up with this:

Untitled, 15" x 20" (each piece), acrylic on paper. I found it interesting that the colors are soft, while the strokes and shapes are harsh. I'm not completely happy with these, but I'm onto something.
All images by Peggy.

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