Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More favorite rooms

Here are a couple more of my favorite rooms in my inspiration files. They have a style all their own, call it shabby minimalism. I've never had much money to decorate, so I always did a sort of shabby chic out of necessity. In fact, I was doing shabby chic long before it even had a name. Anyway, these two rooms have elevated shabby to a whole new level. I love how they are minimal, but I also love how they have a soft edge.

I believe I've shown this room before in a post about yellow. I simply love it! I love sofas with covers casually thrown over them. Perhaps it comes from my college days where I always had an ugly hand-me-down or from-the-curb-beer-and-cat-stained sofa. I also love empty frames used as art. And how cute is the frame with a small picture placed casually in it? I love unexpected display. Image flickr user Ramonah.

Another darling shabby minimal room! Oh how I love this room, let me count the ways. Those chairs, pure porn. Love the stacked suitcases. Love the laissez faire showing of the cords. I love the rebelliousness of the cords. Cords are a necessary evil, and so much trouble to hide. I like this attitude. "Fuck it, I've got cords, get over it." And the best part - how cool is that tarp used as a rug! Love it. Wish I could see more of the room, looks like there is a pile of pillows in the upper left. I think I could live without a sofa if I had a pile of pillows. Image flickr user linsmika.

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