Monday, January 11, 2010

My apartment - processing

Below I described my rules for decorating. One other rule should be mentioned in regard to collections. There is no need to display your whole collection at once. After you have rearranged a room, you should edit about 25% of the items you've placed. This can be difficult, sometimes one of your favorite pieces may go in the closet. But in the long run this is beneficial. It's great fun to rediscover a piece and you can actually save money by shopping in your closet. Also, don't forget the importance of negative space. This is a subject of an upcoming post.

I've been obsessing about blue and orange, so I think I will rearrange my apartment using those colors. The first step is to go to the closet and assess the 3Ps (pottery, pillows and paintings, described below).

Orange and blue pottery and glass pieces.

Orange and blue pillows.

Orange and blue painting. I've shown this painting several times. It's one of my favorites.

Another orange and blue painting. For some reason I don't like this one. I will probably redo it. Often when I don't like a painting, I keep layering on the paint. Other times I chop it up. With this painting I made the decision to do the latter.

Here it is chopped up. I like it! I put the pieces in cheap frames from Pat Catan's that I had in my closet. I love these simple white frames.

Next, I'll show you the current incarnation of my apartment.

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