Monday, January 4, 2010

Starting the New Year Right

I spent a lot of time over the past few days painting. My painting suffers when I am stressed, so 2009 was not a prolific year for me. One of my resolutions for 2010 is to paint more. Even though my first love is acrylic, I may be switching from acrylic to watercolor. Watercolor is not as messy and the paper costs less - and takes up less room - than canvas. But my first love is acrylic. Over the last few days I experimented with acrylic. You may recognize some of these canvases as none of them are new. They've been sitting in the closet for a while and I have added more paint. It's hard sometimes to know when a canvas is complete. Sometimes I wish I had someone to pull me away from the canvas. I humbly offer my work from the past few days.

20" x 30", acrylic on canvas. Previous version here. Inspired by street art.

24" x 24", acrylic on canvas. Looks like a flag to me. I'm not sure if this is done, but I love the austere nature of it. Previous version here.

24" x 30", acrylic on canvas. Inspired by a vintage Indian rug seen in a movie. Previous version here. I love pink and turquoise together. Probably should have left this one alone. Oh well, I didn't have money for new canvases and at least I experimented with paint today. That always makes me happy. I need to be creative in order to live.

24" x 30", acrylic on canvas. Inspired by seaweed. Previous version here. Hmm. Maybe I should have left this one alone as well. See what I mean? I need someone to pull me from the canvas.

And here it is on my wall. Not sure if it will stay there, but I love experimenting with new pillow arrangements after painting. Here's to 2010, hopefully a year full of color!

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