Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Everything but the blue tags

Dear readers, I needed a break from my computer today so decided to go out to play with my camera. I wasn't supposed to be thrifting - but since I was in the neighborhood - I decided to stop at the Salvation Army. As you know, the Salvation Army been berry berry good to me.

While waiting in line, the patient and very dear cashier must have said 100 times, "Everything except blue tags is half off." I shit you not, the following conversation ensued:

"Anything on sale?"

"Everything except blue tags is half off," said the sainted cashier.

"What about red tags, are they on sale?"

"Everything but the blue tags."

"What about green?"

"Everything but blue."

"What about purple?"

"Everything but blue."

"Will you call me when the blue tags go on sale?"

Honest to goodness, this same conversation took place over and over. But that pillar of customer service never lost her composure and never skipped a beat, as she loaded beautiful rugs, bedding, towels, dishes into very large bags. I almost peed myself laughing, which was contagious. Pretty soon the whole line was laughing. I quickly perused my tags: red, green, purple. Not a blue tag in sight. Hot damn! Everything is half off!

All this loot for $16.01! The watercolor painting is a signed original, I thought it was a great deal at $4.99. As you can see it has a green tag - that's right - it was half off! I will probably paint the frame white. The beaded purse is vintage, now I need to dig out my white platform shoes. And the vase to the right has been lovingly hand painted, and is signed on the bottom. Good fortune, indeed.

I had to hang the watercolor as soon as I got home. Beautiful! Wish I'd painted it. Wish I could read the artist's signature. Fine work. I'd guess it was painted by an architect.

Here's a detail of the hand painted vase. She's a beauty, so lovingly and sensuously enhanced. Such beautiful colors. Thank you to the fine artist who took the time to create this work. I adore it! It's signed on the bottom, but I can't read the signature.

I hung the beaded purse on the wall, next to my favorite purse. My sister-in-law, as you know, gives me some fine gifts. The silver purse is one of my favorite gifts from her. I love hanging purses on the wall. My place is so unapologetically girly, and I hope Bohemian.

Oh - I almost forgot. I just gotta show you this funky shelf. They get some great furniture, and have some great deals. But I don't know what to think of this one. I've never seen anything like it. Might be cute as a shop fixture. And no, I didn't buy it.

If you are an independent film director of sci-fi flicks, the Salvation Army is the place to get otherworldly looking furniture for your sets. Do you remember the ugly dining room set I showed you when I first started this blog? Have a look, here. See what I mean? Oh, and sorry dears, I forgot to check if this had a blue tag.

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