Monday, January 18, 2010

If I owned my apartment....

If I owned my apartment (and had a lot of money), I would love to do an almost gut renovation of it.

First, I'd like to tear out this wall. I dream of having an open kitchen. I have the ugliest kitchen on planet Earth.

After tearing out this wall, I'd love to have the appliances - which would include a small refrigerator and a washer and dryer - lined up on one wall. I'm not sure why they they would put a large refrigerator in such a small apartment. And just look at that monstrosity of an oven! Shameful. I don't know what landlords are thinking sometimes. The worst part of this eyesore is that it doesn't even work. That's because I am boycotting the robbers also known as East Ohio Gas.

I'd like to have open shelves for my cute dishes. About the only thing I'd like salvaged from my kitchen are these two vintage remnants. The oven hood and the waste disposal, which both need industrial cleaning.

Since I can't rip out the cupboards, I'd like to paint them white. Except that I am too lazy. Not happening. I would like to hang a curtain to hide the kitchen. This weekend I was bothered by the square opening between the cupboard and the counter. (I know, I can obsess about the weirdest things.) So I made the decision to close the kitchen off a little from view by hanging a painting there.

It pleases me that the kitchen is partially obstructed from view. I'd like to put a cute bench under the painting. I've got my eye on the curb.

My landing strip is nicely hidden behind the painting.

The wall I'd like to tear down has a recess in it, where the murphy bed used to be. I've thought of using this area for my office or for my entertainment center, but the apartment has such a small amount of outlets, and they are not conveniently located. I also thought of putting a built-in bench and lots of pillows, Moroccan style there. For now I just use it as a storage area for my paintings.

It would be cool to have a loft built for my bed. I think the little curtain is so cute! I'd tuck my office under there. Image Apartment Therapy.
I'd like to tear out all the walls and replace them with something like this to make the place lighter and airier. Image unknown source. And, of course, I'd like to paint the floors white! Although, if I had a lot of money I'd probably move. I'm tired of old buildings, I crave clean and modern. This building is not relevant to the way we live today. Still, it's fun to dream.

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