Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Square Peg, your curator, hosts the Edge

Dear readers, I dream of owning a gallery. I dream of shows I'd like to curate. Shows of contemporary artists, illustrators and painters. Here are the elements I'd like to display in such a show:

1. Artists' sketchbooks. (I adore this peek into the private thoughts of artists).
2. Videos of collaborative works.
3. Cuting-edge graffiti artists, juxtaposed with -
4. Sweet works.
5. Tactile works - I'd like to display urban vinyl toys as sculpture, on acrylic cubes.

Why dream? I do have a gallery! Welcome to my e-gallery! I am Square Peg, your curator, and I have curated a special show for you today. The show is entitled, "Edge." Here is a peak into the heart of artists, who create simply because they must.

1. Artist's sketchbook. I adore the sketchbooks of Darick Ritter. More of his sketchbooks can be seen on his blog, Lumi 9 News.

2. Video of collab work. This video features two of my favorite artists collaborating! Tara McPherson and Buff Monster. This work was created at Art Basel Miami 2009. The painting they create is amazing!

3. Cutting edge graffiti-inspired works. These paintings by TEF Studio fit the bill perfectly. Just the right amount of cute and creepy.

4. Something sweet. Love these new works by Julie West. Nobody does faces better.

More sweet. I can't get over the lush, mystical work of Sam Flores. His sensual, surreal worlds pull me in and keep me there. I can almost hear the sweet chirps of the birds.

5. Sculptural elements. Fatima by Sam Flores, image via Highsnobiety. Treedweller by Nathan Jurevicius, probably my favorite vinyl toy of all time.

Any good show should always have a couple of extras. There should always be a nod to the omnipresent influence of Picasso as well as a perfectly-executed abstract, both of these elements are provided by the lovely and talented Jessica Torent.

I hope you have enjoyed this view into the Edge. Stay tuned for more virtual gallery shows.


casapinka said...

Thank you Peg! I really enjoyed that. HAven't watched the video yet but I will. : )

Lumi 9 Painting said...

Thanks for sharing my artwork, Peg!

Come by my website for my most recent installment of new work: http://lumi9painting.com/Lumi_9/Art_Paint.html


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