Monday, January 11, 2010

Color Obsession - Blue and Orange

Dear readers, you already know that I obsess about color. For the past few days I have been obsessing about blue and orange. Here's how it starts. In playing with my paint brushes, I get fixated on a color scheme. Then, I see those colors everywhere! Like I am connected to the whole world. It's awesome.

For example, I was driving down the street minding my own business, happily obsessing about orange and blue while singing to the radio. I almost shit when I noticed this window and had to pull over. Fortunately, I carry my camera everywhere with me. Look at those pillows - orange, blue and yellow - fab! Look at that art glass - orange, blue and green - fab! I would love to have that shelf for my pottery collection. Here is some orange and blue inspiration for you. Hope you enjoy! Image by Peggy.

I especially love orange with turquoise. I've shown this image before, I can't help but show it again. I love it! Love how the flower pops against the turquoise background. This would look great rasterized. (Turns out I've been using the wrong terminology. I've been using the term rasterbated for images enlarged with Rasterbator. The correct term is rasterized.) Image BGLewandowski.

Image from photographe magnifique Sean Turbidy.

Dee Adams.

Love those turquoise walls! supershoppertoo

A photo of my apartment from 2007. A lot has changed. The modern chair was broken so I gave it to a friend who lovingly repaired it. It pleases me that the chair was rescued, but I miss it dearly! I replaced that dingy rug and painted my ottoman. This color scheme looks great. Sometimes I wonder why I change my apartment around. Does that ever happen to you? You rearrange and look back wistfully at previous arrangements? Still, it's great fun cataloging the changes.

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