Monday, April 4, 2011

The art of display

I've been obsessing about how to display my pottery collection in my new apartment. I adore collections of interesting objects, they are like jewelry for a room.  The act of collecting is interesting, but is perhaps secondary to display.  Display is an art.  Without great display, a collection becomes clutter.  Clutter just won't do.  It's important to let your collection of beautiful things breathe.  Beautiful objects should not compete with each other, so negative space is important.  It's also important to manage your collection.  Not all items need to be displayed at once.  Keep some in the closet so you can rotate items.  And be sure to donate or give away a piece each time you buy a new piece.  Here are some beautiful display ideas from my inspiration file.  Hope you enjoy!

This beautiful built-in was built by Spencer Anderson of Design on a Dime.  It's a great idea to go vertical with your collection in a small place.  Going vertical gives great visual impact while using a small foot print.  I love how this bookcase separates the kitchen and dining area.  The glass panels are a nice touch, as they let light pass through the two rooms.  I need Spencer to come to my home and build some custom bookcases for my pottery collection!

The Expedit bookcase by Ikea is reasonably priced and a popular option.  I love it used in an industrial loft like this, and also in studio apartments.  It's a great option for dividing space and housing a beautiful collection.  I love this space!  Really digging those orange walls.  Image via HGTV.

Did you watch Season 5 of Design Star?  Sorry for the poor quality of the image, this is from my computer screen.  This bookcase was conceived by Michael, designed by Tom and built by Cortland.  A wonderful collaborative effort.  I absolutely adore it.

I've always loved recesses in walls.  But where that's not possible, how about these wonderful boxes?  Love the variety of sizes.  The bright yellow paint really makes the white pottery pop.  Image via Purple Area.

I love all the boxy bookcases I'm seeing lately.  Image via Muuto.

This one is my favorite!  I love that the boxes are different sizes and colors.  I adore how the bookcase is held together by big binder clips.  You can change the shape on a whim.  I want this bookcase, badly.  Now I just have to travel to Sweden to get it.  Or maybe I can just make a version of this.  It looks easy to build, if you can build that is, which I can't.  I should learn.  I love a girl who can wield a power tool. Image via Ikea.

Here's another configuration of the box bookcase from Ikea.  These boxes are open and in all white.  I have a feeling these box bookcases are going to replace the Expedit as the most popular form of room divider.  Image via Purple Area.

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