Saturday, April 23, 2011

Adding pops of black to your decor

Black is a color I never would have used in my decor several years ago.  Now I love it!  Black can be added to any color scheme.  It adds instant sophistication and edge to a room that otherwise may appear too girly or sweet.  It looks great with lots of white and a pop of bright color. 

Black looks great with large amounts of white and pops of yellow, as this fabulous room shows.
Black also looks great with pink, silver and gray.  This room might be too girly with the cameo pillowcases without being balanced by black and the silver lamps.  Black gives it the perfect amount of edge.  Above two images Bianca's Bright White Cottage via Apartment Therapy's Small Cool 2001.
The black lamp helps to ground this room so that it's not too witty, while the yellow shade adds just the right amount of pop.  I adore that silver chair!  Image via Elle Decor.
Black accessories add the perfect amount of punch to this gorgeous room.  Love the pink pillows trimmed with black ribbon, the Moroccan table and the large artwork over the sofa.  The room is feminine, but definitely edgy.  Image via Rue Magazine.
Speaking of edge, how fab are these black chairs?  They resemble tires and are the perfect foil to the white.  The round shape is repeated in the ottoman.  Notice the skillful use of art and pattern in this room.  The room is witty but still remains sophisticated because it is not overdone.  Darek Swalwell via Desire to Inspire.

This lovely room combines pops of turquoise, yellow and red.  It remains fresh looking because of the large amount of white.  A pop of silver is provided by the table.  Notice how skillfully the accessories are chosen.  Yellow pillows and gorgeous collection of glass.  The yellow, red and black colors of the glass collection tie the room together.  The whole thing is grounded by a black and white rug.  This is, indeed, a skillfully designed room.  Image via HGTV.

I need this colorful dresser.  Image via Design Boom.

Here's my favorite corner of my apartment.  I love to change it around.  I've added a black pillow.  If you'd like to add some pops of black to your place, it's as easy as adding a vase, a pillow or a piece of art.  (For more details see Peggy's Rules for Decorating.)  Afraid of black?  Try a little slate gray.

Here are some lovely pieces that can be added to your room if you'd like to add a pop of black.  Coil Side Table available at Urban Outfitters.  I love this piece, and it's reasonably priced.  Beautiful black vase by Kim Westad.  Cute metal flower wall hangings from My Olive Flower (only $10 for three!).  Beautiful pillow from Chic Decor Pillows.

Note:  If you buy something from Etsy as a result of seeing it on this blog, please let me know.  I'm trying to track Etsy sales.  Thanks so much!


Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Do YOU sell on Etsy?

I love black. My house is mostly a farmhouse look--a little bit western, a little bit Mexican, and a little retro, and farmhouse antique. I still have pops of black.

I also love black and yellow. My kitchen is the retro room and it's mostly yellow but my accent colors are red, Depression green, and black. It's fun.

I get lots of ideas from your blog. I'm selling my farm and when I get a new place, I have some new ideas from you.

Peggy said...

Yes, I have an Etsy shop. Click the badge on the right sidebar. I just started it recently and only have a couple of prints in it. It needs some updating. My paintings are also for sale, but my online portfolio needs a little work.

I'd love to see your kitchen, it sounds really fun. Do you have pictures on your blog.

That's a great compliment - that you've gotten ideas here. I'll try to keep the inspiration coming! Thanks for reading and commenting.

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Where are your paintings? Your photos are beautiful. I like the Big Boy. It's almost spooky. The scooter has good colors to go with someone's decor--orange and turquoise are getting popular. Very nice Peggy!

My 14-yeaer-old picked up my digital camera and has been taking tons of pictures and I actually can't believe how good she is. It's coming natural. She's only a kid so has a lot to learn. I'm trying to find some time to put some of her photos together in a file on my Facebook.

I will try to remember to write a little story about my kitchen for my blog and put some pictures on there.

Yeah, you inspired me to do something different with my next living room. This is what I'm fantasizing about--pale turquoise walls, modern sectional couch, maybe charcoal (white won't work with the family), my rustic trunk, chrome, one large piece of art, funky lamps of course, painted antique dressers--not sure what color yet. Kind of sparse, which is different for me. I can't go too crazy. All my rooms are different from each other (because I like everything) but I like at least something to tie them together, some element or color.

Peggy said...

Kids are naturals when it comes to photography. My nephew is great, and has been since he was about 5. Your new living room plans sound fab! I love turquoise. How about painting the antique dressers yellow? I love a pop of yellow with turquoise. I love planning rooms.

Peggy said...

P.S. I'm still working on getting my art online, but if you click the photo that says "Buy Art" on the right sidebar, it will take you to my Art Wanted portfolio. For more of my paintings, if you go to the top tab of my blog that says "portfolio", I have most of my work on flickr.

For my photos, see my photo blog, listed under Elsewhere on the right sidebar.

Thanks for looking and thanks for all your comments!

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Yellow is my favorite color. It's so bright and happy. Hmmm, that's a maybe. I'm actually going to do my dining room purple with some black and yellow. If I get this house I'm trying to get, an old Victorian, the dining room and living room open up to each other with double doors and I'm dying to do the dining room true purple, not plum, not lavender, true purple, because, don't laugh, I have an antique coffee pot that is purple and yellow stripes. It reminds of of a circus. So that would work Peggy! I did a previous dining room this color. People first thought I was crazy. Then when they saw it.... Country Living magazine wanted to do a spread on it. (Then I sold the house before we had a chance.) I'll have to dig up some pictures of that room too. (And by the way, I do it all cheap. Or free, which you may know if you read my post on the blog about how I love to get stuff out of the Dumpster.)

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Okay, I'm going to look around at all your stuff when I get a chance.


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