Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

I'd like to interrupt our regularly scheduled posts for a quick word about the Royal wedding.  I'm not usually into hype, but I found myself fascinated by the Royal wedding this week.  I remember watching the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles from the Delta Zeta house (in the same chair I was in when John Lennon was killed).  My sorority sisters and I were in awe of the genuine innocence of Diana.  We all cried.  We hoped to meet a prince.  I never did, but I've kissed many frogs.

Last night I was caught up.  What will Kate wear?  How will she wear her hair?  What amazing pagentry, how on Earth do you plan such an event?  It's not often I want to sit in front of the TV.  Since I have no TV, I watched it on the Internet.  Back when Diana and Charles were married, I never could have imagined the miracle of the Internet.  I heard a statistic last night - please forgive me that it is not accurate but only an approximation - you'll get the idea.  Some 81 million viewers tuned in to see Diana and Charles married.  Today between TV and Internet, about 3 billion tuned in.  Astonishing.

Why are so many people interested in this?  In a word, it's love.  We need more of it.  I find myself excited about the prospect of progressive Royals.  Kate will gracefully wield power I can only imagine.  I do, however, know how I would use that power.  I'd ask the world's people to once and for all lay down their arms.  William and Kate, I wish you much love and happiness.  I look forward to watching you change the world.

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