Monday, May 2, 2011


Please bear with me as I obsess about the Royal wedding for just a moment more....For me the wedding was all about hats!  I could not get enough of the hats, and I learned a new word - fascinators.  A quick look at the blogosphere reveals that I am not alone in this - ahem - fascination.  I do hope a trend starts in the U.S.

I thought Princess Beatrice and Eugenie looked fabulous!  You have to have regal presence (and posture) to carry off those hats.  'Course these gals are so gorgeous they could wear anything!  If you are looking for couture or avant garde hats in the U.S.  Look no further! 
Thanks to Casapinka I discovered a wonderful hat designer, Arturo Rios (Etsy shop here, website here). Better snatch these up while they last. My favorite hat of all time is the one Aretha Franklin wore to President Obama's inauguration, see previous post here.  In Cleveland and need a hat for a special occasion?  No problem, Sweet Lorain's got you covered with a large variety reasonably priced.

Image by Peggy.

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