Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Square Peg, Your Curator, Vol. IV

Today I'd like to show the fascinating artwork of Amy Shawley.
My favorite piece is entitled "Guardian of the Watchtower."  Amy explains that the photo in this multi-media work is of an abandoned sugar factory in Brooklyn, the angel from a  drawing. Unfortunately, the building was later demolished.  I feel a kinship with Amy.

Amy's work evokes a myriad of feelings in me, just like art should.  These feelings are similar to those I experience when I explore my city with my camera. The abandoned buildings represent the impermanence of all things, and so much more.  I fall in love with their beauty and romanticized past.  So many issues come up for me.  Sadness.  Not only for the loss of an interesting structure, but also for the ending of a chapter in the city's life.  Fear.  For the unknown as we redefine the way we live.  Excitement.  About the promise for a better, smarter (and perhaps more sustainable) future.  Lastly, questions of how we define beauty and ugliness.  Both are just illusions.  All of this I try to communicate with my camera. Amy's work reminds me of a photo montage I recently completed based on the theme of abandonment.  If interested in seeing my piece, click here.

Amy's work has a yearning, romantic wistful quality to it.  Here are more of her multi-media pieces.  If you've been reading my curated series, you know that I am attracted to faceless images. 

I enjoy reading artists' blogs.  I am  fascinated when they show pictures from their sketchbook and of their process.  Amy generously gives us a peak into her creative soul.  As artists we try to explain that which is unexplainable.  However, put simply, we create because we must.  The act of creation becomes the most important thing and the journey is more important than the destination.  Amy's Etsy shop is here, her website is here.

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