Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Fun, Part II

Dear readers, I discovered the most fab blog and shop and I must share!  It is written by Doe Deere, who lives life as art, or as she puts it - she "narrates her own fairy tale."  This girl has got it goin' on.  Not only is she an artist, but she's an entrepreneur as well.  She's a totally fab makeup artist and has an online shop.   Here are a few of her lipstick colors that I'm not sure I can live without:

There are so many cute pictures on her blogazine that I had trouble only using a few.  I particularly love this one, I'd like to have a poster of it.

Like I said Doe is a rad makeup artist.  She does celebrity-look makeovers.  This gorgeous creature is made up to look like Twiggy.

Talk about an It Girl.  And she gives tutorials on celebrity makeup!

Here's Doe in one of her unique lipstick creations.  She's absolutely charming and adorable.   Her blog is a pure, unadulterated celebration of girly fun and very inspirational to boot.  It always picks me up, puts a smile on my face and makes me happy to be a girl.  You simply must check it out.  Her blog is here.  Her shop is here.  I will be adding her blog to my link list.  Doe, thanks for being an inspiration.  You go girl!

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