Thursday, May 19, 2011

Good things are happening in Cleveland, Part II - a beautiful entryway

So my sister-in-law got a chance to see the exciting developments in the Gordon Square Arts District when she ran the marathon on Sunday.  And something happened to her that's happened to me many times - vases in the window of duoHOME caught her eye.  She and I share the obsession of vases.  Yesterday we went to check them out.  We call this the vase game, and it's one of my favorites.  We hemmed and hawed about a third, shorter, squatter vase, but finally decided on these two beautiful tall black vases.  Part two of the vase game is arranging them in their lovely home.  They are now part of their elegant entry way.  I think they look totally fab with the gray accent wall.  I love how the vases sport open rectangles which gives a peak to the beautiful gray color.  I also love the asymmetry of this arrangement, and how the bowl repeats the open rectangle motif.

Image by Peggy

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