Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Painter Envy

Dear readers, as I study the work of painters I sometimes find myself envious.  I am especially envious of painters who can pull off a simple, smooth painting.  Such is the work of David Bromstad.  You already know David is a totally fab and uber talented designer on HGTV.  I love the rooms David designs, indeed everything he touches turns to gold.  But it's his paintings that do it for me.  I wish I could paint like David Bromstad.

See what I mean?  I love the painting standing to the right.  It may be simple, but this style is not easy.  It's difficult to get the paint super smooth and you can't have one line out of place.  David can paint portraits, landscapes and just about anything  - but it's this kind of painting that I find the most aesthetically pleasing.

1 comment:

Jessie said...

He is amazing!!!! I would love to have him design for me, especially a custom painting. I think its so awesome that every room he decorates he puts a piece of his art in it! What lucky homeowners!!


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