Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Fun

Hello dear readers, today was a good day.  I hired a life coach and am very excited about it!  It feels so right.  I'll be sure to keep you posted on how it goes.  I am looking forward to a long weekend filled with art shows and family.  What could be better?  So let's have some fun shall we?

I'd like to have this poster!  This should be my motto, or my blog name.

Isn't she adorable?  And doesn't she look great with pink hair?  I discovered an artisan wig shop at Etsy!  The artist is Tiffany DeMichelle, and her work is totally fab.   I want this wig - and many others!  :)  She makes wigs in all kinds of fabulous colors.  Wouldn't it be fun to plan a wedding and have all the brides' maids wear wigs to match the color scheme?  If  you'd like to see more pictures of totally awesome pink hair, you can check out my gallery at flickr, here.  For summer, I'm going to be very girly, funky and flirtatious.

Here's a couple of pieces that would work great in my summer wardrobe.  Love the necklace, love the combination of pink and red.  That purse is so cute.  Hmm.  I used to crochet.  Maybe I should take it up again.  I'd like to make a rug too, like this one from Urban Outfitters.   The purse is from Rice.

 This playful ring would look so cute with that purse.  From Etsy user Crystoo.

Sorry, I don't remember the sources for the poster or the necklace.  My bad.  Please contact me if you know who the artists are.

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