Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yoskay Yamamoto

I've previously defined Chick Art on this blog.  It's a subject - and a genre - I am quite find of.  Initially, I defined Chick Art as being by chicks for chicks.  But since I discovered that the fab Yoshitomo Nara is indeed male, I need to revise my definition.  So here's my definition of Chick Art - art that is decidedly feminine, but with an edge.  It often features young women who at once possess innocence and wisdom beyond their years.  It is sweet, but with a little edge of creepiness to it.  It's romantic and mysterious. It attracts as well as compels at the same time.  The women in these works are incredibly complex, and very  alluring - just like a woman.  If you'd like to see more on my Chick Art series, please click Chick Art under Regular Features on the side bar.

Today it is my pleasure to add another very fine male artist to the series.  Yoskay Yamamoto.  Here is a small sample of his work, I am sure you will agree that it is fab!

I love that Yoskay includes sketches on his blog.  I like having a peek into into artists' creative process.

Aren't these flower pots that he designed awesome?  I usually don't like flowers growing out of head vases.  But these work for me.  The cacti look like the elaborate sculpted hair of a Geisha.

I want the pillow he designed.  To see more of Yokay's work, his website is here.  His blog is here.  Pillow and fab tea cup available at My Plastic Heart.

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Claudia Fabiana said...

Sweet little faces on all the designs! I love the pillow and the flower pots! Ciao!


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