Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Collecting Art Glass - Jewelry for Your Room

We are all curators, our homes reflect what we find beautiful and useful.  Accessories are the jewelry of a home.  Not sure how to accessorize your room?  How about some lovely glass vases?  Did you see the May 2011 edition of Martha Stewart Living?  There's a wonderful spread on mid-century glass.  They feature American, Italian and Scandinavian glass.  If you stick to simple shapes, glass vases fit perfectly in a modern, minimal home.  Here's a look at some lovely pieces, some expensive, some not.

Beautiful decanters featured in Martha Stewart Living.  Sometimes vintage decanters are missing their stoppers.  If you are lucky enough to find one with its stopper, snatch it up.  I love all these shapes and colors.  Beautiful pieces clustered together look like sculpture.  I like grouping glass by color. 

It's good feng shui to have a pop of red in your room.  You can do that with a beautiful glass vase.  Here's a couple of mod red pieces that are reasonably priced.  Left:  Modnique;  Right:  Linea72.

I'd like to have this beautiful pink vase.  My guess would be that this is recycled Spanish glass, but I'm not sure.  Image from Rue Magazine.  If you know the source of this vase, please contact me.
Left, beautiful Italian cased glass from Vintage4Vintage.  Right is a beautiful satin glass vase. I'd guess this is Fenton, but I'm not really sure.  The shape looks like Fenton, but I was not aware that Fenton did gradations in color like this one.  This piece is very reasonably priced.   Available at Scentsiblescents.

Perhaps you need a pop of yellow.  Yellow glass vases are perfect for that.  Left:  Moonbeam vases from Cyan Design.  Right:  VintageModernandMore.

Or blue.  There are lots of examples of beautiful blue art glass, such as this lovely frosted glass bar set from Kypeep.

Probably my favorite vase of all time.  I've been coveting it for a long time.  That's right it's vintage Holmegaard from the Carnaby Series, double gourd shape.  And it's expensive.  I'm always searching for Holmegaard at flea markets and garage sales, but I haven't been successful.  A girl can dream right?  This one is available from Etsy seller Modernspecific.

Here's a whole collection of blue Holmegaard from The End of History.  Looks so fab clustered together.  Love the baby blue color. 

Of course, you can always mix colors, as this lovely Blenko collection demonstrates.  Image Glasshouse (this also links to a very fine article on displaying your glass collection).
Are you a lover of neutrals?  A collection of rare gray cased glass also from The End of History.

This beautiful Italian vase in Oyster is available at Linea72.  She has such a great shop!
I can never get enough white.  I think these vases would look great together.  Left is Holmegaard from BModern.  Right is vintage Finnish cased glass designed by Tapio Wirkkala.  Available at Observation.  Such a beautiful minimalist shape.

Don't fret if you can't afford expensive pieces.  There are plenty of modern, reasonably priced pieces that are beautiful, such as these Sultan canisters from Z Gallerie.  I'm thinking of order the white ones.

Here's the latest piece to my collection.  A very fine piece of Polish cased glass.  It's absolutely perfect, there are no flaws.  I love its minimalist shape.  I got it for $9.00 from Home Goods.  What about you dear readers, are you a lover of art glass?  How do you display your glass? 


Jessie said...

I can't wait to move and be able to buy more glass! I would love to get a few bright Blenko pieces!

Peggy said...

Jessie, are you doing any decorating in your current place?

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I collect the Fenton hobnail white opalescent. But I like it all! I'm going to have to buy a big house when we move!

Peggy said...

Hi Greener - what is your real name? I love Fenton and I love opalescent glass. I meant to include some examples of opalescent, oh well maybe for another post. I'd love to see your collection. I bet it would look great in your purple dining room!

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Peggy it's Debi. E-mail me and I'll send you a picture. ponyhoney@aol.com


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