Friday, April 8, 2011

Upcycled Furniture

I love upcycled furniture.  I have found many pieces of fine furniture that have been abandoned on the side of the road.  Take it home, give it a little love and a little paint and it has a new life.  It's a fun way to have a unique piece on the cheap.  Apparently the idea is catching on.  Crown Paints and Graham and Green recently held a competition.  Students from the Royal College of Arts were asked to use Crown Paints to upcycle a piece of furniture.  Coming in second place (although in my opinion she should have been first) is Laura Amstein's beautiful sideboard.

I love it!  Part sideboard, part lovely organic painting.  I love how it's only partially painted, paying homage to its original wood.  I'd love to have this piece.  I think my pottery collection would look fab on it.

Just playing around here (I know, I'm obsessed).  Here's the piece imagined with a few vases from Ikea and one from Anthropologie.  Congratulations Laura!  Beautiful work.  The piece will be available at Graham and Green this Spring.  See their blog for more details.  Since I don't live in the UK, I'll be keeping my eye on the curb for a credenza.

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