Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'd like to meet - Cortney and Bob Novogratz

Dear readers, as you know, it's been a while since I've obsessed about color and decor.  I've been so fixated on Seattle, and photography.  So let's obsess about decor for a while - specifically over the top decor - shall we?  I have actually been thinking a lot about simple living so it's odd that I'm drawn to OTT decor right now.  That's how my brain works.  My plan for this blog over the next couple of weeks is an explosion of color and fun ideas and then we'll go dramatically in the other direction.  How does that sound?  I'm hoping to pick up a paint brush too.  I hope you'll join me on this journey.

Have you seen the new show Home by Novogratz on HGTV?  I think I've mentioned before that I don't have a TV, nor cable TV.  To me cable TV is not worth the cost.  Nor do I own DVDs or CDs.  I just don't feel the need.  The internet takes care of my entertainment needs.  Now it was just by chance that I was at my brother's home for the premiere of Home by Novogratz.  I consider it an example of cosmic serendipity.

The show features designers Cortney and Bob Novogratz, the owners of SixxDesign.  I actually had not heard of their show on Bravo, 9 by Design (I already mentioned I don't have cable TV).  But now that I've heard of them, I am obsessed!  Of course I recognized many of their designs, as many of them have made it around the blogosphere.  Aren't they a cute couple!  She is rocking those black booties isn't she?  And let me tell ya, he can rock a Fedora.  The reason their show is called 9 by Design is because they are a family of 9.  They have seven children!  Can you believe it?  Doesn't she look fabulous?  I think it would be so awesome to have an artistic career that you share with your husband.  They were on Design Star this week as guest judges, and they were so kind.  I fell in love with Cortney when she gently criticized a contestant's room.  She was sensitive and tactful.  These are the kind of people I would love to hang out with.

For their first show, they renovated a beach house for a couple of surfer girls from Far  Rockaway.  Their inspiration was none other than the fab Betsey Johnson, who I adore!  (See previous post here.)  Betsey said she needs pink all around her.  I hear you, girl!  I'm not happy without pink.  Here are some pictures of the fabulous beach house:

The first thing you see when you walk in the door is the stairs, so they decided to give them a cute paint treatment.  Ahh, nothing like a fresh paint treatment.
They added wallpaper to an accent wall in the living room.  Now, I'm not usually a wallpaper fan, but the Novogratzes might have converted me.  I love the idea of a funky, spray painted chandelier in the corner.  The Novogratzes know how to break the rules.  A chandelier doesn't have to be in the center of a room.  I love how the white pops off the wallpaper.  The kitchen sports a blue Smeg and a pink stove.  Really, the show was giving me heart palpitations.
They used graphic pillows in the living area.  I need these pillows.  I love how they pop off the white.  This is my favorite use of color.  Lots of white with pops of color.  Even though there are a lot of graphic punches, the overall look is very airy.

I almost had a heart attack when they had street artist extraordinaire Matt Siren do a treatment on the bedroom walls!  I adore Matt.  (See previous post about Matt here.)  This room is to die for.  The mirrored table and the chandelier add a bit of glamor.  Love the pink rug and all the white.  The room is funky, yet rather simple and totally glam.  Overall the house is a fine accomplishment and is my favorite style - feminine, but not too girly with just the right amount of edge.  Colorful and witty, but not overdone.  It's still simple and uncluttered looking.  The wood floors add a nice touch of the organic and all the white keeps it feeling fresh.  I could move in here and I wouldn't change one thing.

You remember seeing this book in the blogs a while back, don't you?  I've had it on my amazon wish list for the longest time.  Well, I took the plunge and ordered.  Because, wouldn't you know it - it's written by Bob and Cortney Novogratz.  The cosmos works in wonderfully, mysterious ways.  Thanks Bob and Cortney for being an inspiration.  I hope our paths cross one day.  xxoo


Lisa said...

I don't have cable either, but I'm sleuthing these guys down now. The designs are SO. GORGEOUS. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Too bad you missed their Bravo show, it was more personal/documentary style and really featured their amazing homes in Manhattan and Great Barrington, their kids, their art collection and them decorating for themselves, plus some of their more high-end money-no-object clients. Unbelievable eye candy.

belledame said...

i thought the wallpaper wall was unfinished. the metal chair in the corner with a pillow on it seemed odd. and the wall has tv mounted, but no console underneath on which to put components or even drop your keys. the front door opens on the living room and there's no closet. so what about outerwear, shoes and hand bags.
and i wish they'd explained why only one bedroom was featured. the sisters aren't really going to share a bed, are they?

otherwise it was bright, feminine and very fun.

Peggy said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for visiting. Hope you will visit often. I wish HGTV would stream the Novogratz on their website. Hulu and Bravo have only excerpts from their show 9 by Design.

Thanks for visiting and for the info., Anon - I'm hunting down episodes of their show on Bravo. If you have any tips, let me know.

Hi belledame - thanks for visiting. I find your criticisms very valid. I'm usually all about function, except I guess when it comes to design shows, I think I forgive a little of that because it's about the eye candy. I also wondered about only one bedroom.


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