Friday, July 8, 2011

Seattle - Public Art

Seattle is a treat for artists and art lovers.  There's art everywhere.   I've written about my love of public art on this blog many times (see previous posts here).  It is my belief that art elevates the consciousness of a city.  The vigor of Seattle is a testament to this belief.  Here are but a few of the examples of public art we saw.
It becomes evident quickly that Seattle is committed to public art. You're greeted by an installation of suitcases at the Seattle airport.
 This is hammering man at the Seattle Museum of Art.  He's huge and hardworking, he never stops dropping and lifting that hammer.  Designed by Jonathan Borofsky.

 These are two of the Colossal Heads designed by Claudia Fitch.  (We saw these at Quest Stadium on Friday.  On Monday the Quest logo had come down and the CenturyLink Logos were going up.)  They are mounted high so they are looking down on you and they are huge.  I'm not sure why, but I dig 'em.
Also by the stadium is Peter Shelton's Rock Shadow.  Before I learned the name of the piece, I thought maybe this was a big thumb print, or maybe a peanut shell.  No matter, I love a giant object totally taken out of context.

Amazing and ambitious mosaic garden seen on one of our walks.  The scope of this installation boggles my mind.
Even the bus stops boasted art.
As did the construction walls.  They're a necessary evil.  Might as well hang art on them.

I love this idea for decorating windows.  Behind the glass is cut paper, and the front of the glass is painted.
We actually had the privilege of seeing a piece installed!
These sculptures are near the news building.  I took this shot from the Space Needle.
This is a shot taken from a Duck Tour of Gas Works Park.
Of course Starbucks is on nearly every corner.  Here's a very fine mural at one of the locations downtown.  I've barely scratched the surface here.  I already have public art sites lined  up that I want to see on my next trip to Seattle!

 All images by Peggy


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