Monday, July 11, 2011

Seattle - Lake Union

We had done so many cultural things, and our feet ached, so we thought we'd do a very touristy thing and take a Duck Tour.  You can't miss these funny looking amphibian vehicles when you are downtown.  The drivers are raucous, it's a good time.  First the vehicle travels by land and then goes into the water - my favorite part of the tour!  Since it's constantly moving, it's hard to take pictures, but here are a few pictures of Lake Union.  The captain of the vessel taught us the difference between house boats and floating houses.  A distinction I was unaware of.  No matter, I found myself fantasizing about living here.

Here's a resourceful way a couple of girls were getting back forth on the lake.  Using an oar, on a surf board.  Cool!  I imagine that takes great balance.

All images by Peggy

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