Friday, July 1, 2011

Seattle - The Hotel

While in Seattle, my sister-in-law and I stayed at the Renaissance at 5th and Madison.  They treated us like queens!  Which really made up for how we were treated at the airports!  (Oh well, that's the subject of another post, I'm going to focus on positives.)  Here are some photos of the hotel's lobby.  I love all the pottery and how it's displayed.

I love this light fixture!

Here are some pictures of the view from our room:
This is a garden between two buildings.  It's easy to see why Seattle is nicknamed Emerald City.  Everything is so green!

This is the Seattle Public Library.  It's the coolest library ever!  You'll see this again, as I have shots from the ground.

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Jessie said...

What a great place!


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