Thursday, October 28, 2010

Architect Love and Procrastination

I have a confession to make. I don't buy exercise equipment. I've never used it for its intended purpose. Instead I've hung (dirty) clothes on it.

Architect Victor Vetterlein has come up with a stylish solution with his G-Force wardrobe chair. I think I need one. The G-Force is such a fab piece of sculpture, it would dissuade me from hanging clothes on it. I would sit on it to put on my pink pumps, though, and I'd be lookin' good. I'd call that a success. Design at its best. Solving problems. Victor is one of my favorite designers, I've written about him before. See previous posts here and here.

Do visit Victor's website. I love the presentation of his products. I think his model and wife is too fab! Love the white hair and pink eye lashes.

looooove from my Starbucks cup. Playing with fonts in Picasa, this one's called Australian Sunrise. Yep, I'm in procrastination mode.

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