Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pottery Display

When considering pottery like I did below, it is also important to consider display. Skillful display is just as important - if not more so - than just the mere act of collection. Clutter just won't do. Below I spoke about my current obsession with pottery, but before I buy any new pieces, I must consider display. However I choose to display pottery will need to be done on a budget. Here are some pictures from my inspiration file.

This image from Apartment Therapy. I adore these floating shelves, but probably will not do this in my apartment. These babies are difficult to hang, and I've mentioned before that I'm not a very good DIYer. See that turquoise vase on the middle shelf? I love it, it has sort of an Asian influence. I am really obsessed when it comes to pottery. Whenever I look at a photo of a room or a movie set, my eye goes right to the pottery. Oh well, I digress. Back to display.

Here is where I am thinking of displaying my pottery. At first I didn't like the mirrors, but I am starting to like them. I can view this wall while lounging on my sofa, which is important. I love contemplating the forms of vases while lounging.

Remember the bookcase I saw at Flower Child? I think this would be cool against the mirrors. It would kind of disappear. I would display my favorites, sparsely. The forms would be geometrically pure and I'd love to see how their reflections work. Not sure if this piece is in the budget, nor how I would get it up three flights of stairs. I know I want something simple.

The beautiful simplicity of a Parsons product always makes them the perfect choice. I adore this one from West Elm. It would work great, but also not in the budget.
I'm really torturing myself today. Just look at this beauty from Evinco Design. Not sure I'd spend this much money even if I had it. But it is gorgeous. Oh well, I will have to wait for a creative, cost effective alternative to come to me. Luckily, when I put an idea out into the universe, what I want comes to me rather easily. I just need to be patient.

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Jessie said...

I think that shelf from Flower Child would look awesome! I think displaying your pottery on that wall is great idea!!


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