Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pottery Jones

Now that I have more space I am, of course, thinking about pottery. I actually have room to display pottery and would like some new pieces. My collection is much smaller than it used to be due to various downsizes. However, I don't want to go crazy buying new stuff just because I have more space, I much prefer a sparse space. It's all about balance. Here are some lovely pieces from my inspiration file. Hope you enjoy!

All above porcelain pieces by Lenneke Wispelwey. Love the colors, love the shapes. I am always on the lookout for pink pieces that are also modern, and they are difficult to find. These pieces are making me swoon! I want them all. I may have to take a trip to the Netherlands.

I am so in love with West German white porcelain. The color and the matte finish are my favorite. I adore this collection. Image by Etsy user beebleboy.
Of course I am in love with vintage Haeger. Isn't everyone? Image by Barking Sands Vintage.

Beautiful bud vases by Heath Ceramics.

Above pieces by Mara Skujeniece via The Style Files.

Not only are these vases by Nesting Emily beautiful, but each evokes a lovely memory of a rainy day at the beach. Two things I adore, rainy days and white ceramics.

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Jessie said...

You are making me want more vases! Stop it!!! lol ;) I think all the vases you gave me look great in my apartment! Thanks again. :)


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