Friday, October 29, 2010

Some pretty rooms from my inspiration file

It seems I never tire of looking at beautiful rooms. Here are some rooms that are currently inspiring me. Hope you enjoy!

Gorgeous! Serene! Look at those colors. Love, love, love the salmon colored sofa against the white walls. Love the symmetry and love the enlarged baby pics. Such a great idea to turn your family pictures into art. Image Sara Hicks Malone via decor8.

Oh my goodness. Will you just look at that lamp! I need it. Please let this lamp show up on the curb or at the Good Will. That pillow's not bad either. And of course, the Saarinen table. One of my all time favorite designs. Image Bella Makes the Move to Brooklyn via Apartment Therapy.

Love the monochrome. I've always wanted to do a white painting against a white wall. Love the lamp. Love the pillows. And - gasp - those white floors. Image Isabel Lopez Quesada via Desire to Inspire.

This photo is from the AT color contest. Love the color of the wall, and I'm always a sucker for a large painting and vases. Love the table and the lamp. I'm pretending not to see the animal skin rug. C'mon let's just face it. Animal skin rugs are gross.

Love the painting, lamp shade and accent wall. Love the pillows. I think I need a furry pillow (fake fur of course). Look! Another Saarinen table. Image HGTV.

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Nichole Loiacono said...

The first and last pictures really ring my bell! Wonderful!


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