Friday, October 29, 2010

A Little Bit of Happy and A Lot of Blog Love

I've been following Apartment Therapy's Color Contest, and Nichole's "Little Bit of Happy" Room is by far my favorite. I had to see more of this wonderful place, by reading the comments I found she has a blog. And a wonderful blog it is! It's entitled Parlour, and I will be adding it to my link list. Here's a peak at her beautiful home. It's feminine, cozy and oozing creativity.

As you know, gray is my new favorite color. Love the gray sofa. Love the nature pics by Cassia Beck. Also love how they are framed uniformly and straight. Hanging them this way cuts down on the cluttered look of a grouping and looks like one large art piece. Love the large hanging light. You must read her blog to see how she created it! She glued coffee filters on a paper lantern. Fab!

Love the big cameo! She painted that. Love the black pops against the white.

Sky blue coffee table. Gorgeous. Love the houndstooth pattern on the rug.

Love the black accent walls with the pops of white accessories.

Cute kitchen! Love the gray cabinets, the paintings and look at that pendant lamp! She painted it. Love the pink peaking out!

Nichole is incredibly talented. I had to show this table that she painted. Love the chevron pattern in pink. It's for sale at her Etsy shop. I want it! Nichole, you go girl! Thanks for being an inspiration. Hope you win the contest!

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Nichole Loiacono said...

Thanks so much for featuring my place, and of course, the super kind words. It makes a girl feel good!


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