Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mood board - gray

Oh dear, I am barely moved into my apartment and already I am obsessing about a new color scheme. I've been talking a lot about my love of gray lately.  I adore it with pale pink, with smoky plums and with black. It's a very mysterious, romantic and calming color. I think my love of gray is influenced by my love of the Cleveland sky.

Here are a few things I have in my closet. I love the gray pillows combined with the pink pillow and the silver pillow.

Isn't this image from Cosas gorgeous? Proof that gray, pink and black look great together.

Here's a beautiful room with walls painted gray. I adore it! Love the simplicity. The large amounts of white help make the room look fresh. I adore the acrylic dining set. Acrylic furniture is perfect in a small room. Since it takes up no visual weight, it does not compete with the color of the wall, making for pure color enjoyment. Image via HGTV. I won't be painting my new apartment, so I may have to satisfy my urge for gray with a canvas.

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