Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Painting

Untitled 2010, 24" x 24", Behr custom mix and acrylic on canvas. This is the first painting I've done in my new apartment. Well, let me take that back. This is the first painting I've done in my new space, that I actually like. I'm starting to feel at home. This painting is not as simple as it seems. There were colors in my head for quite sometime that would not be silent until they had been made manifest. Each color has been painstakingly mixed, it took a while to get the colors right.

Here are some of the influences in this work: I was listening to the music of Walkner Moestl. As you know, I have been obsessed with the perfect gray. A fine young man at Home Depot mixed a Behr Custom for me to match these pillows. I asked him to make it shiny, and he knew exactly what I was saying. I should have bought more than a quart. I've already used up that paint on several projects, and the color is, well, perfect. Here are some other influences for the painting:

Jennifer Davis. I love Jennifer's use of color. I'm not sure why, but the painting makes me think of the balloons of Jennifer Davis. And for some reason, the painting makes me think of birthday party hats. That's a good thing, it makes me happy. Maybe that's what I should title it. Birthday Party.

Mia Linnman. I also love Mia's use of color, as discussed below.

Stephen Ormandy's work still haunts me. I've written about his work before (see previous post here).

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