Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mitsuru Koga, or collaborating with nature

It's a bit trite to say that artists are influenced by nature. Interaction with and observation of nature are endless sources of fascination, but nature cannot be improved upon. Better to collaborate with nature than try to dominate her. Indeed, attempts at domination of nature are futile - nature will always win. So much has been written about nature, there's no need to intellectualize it again. For now, please join me in contemplating the marvel of rocks. Rocks are one of the amazing things the Earth has given us. Hold a rock in your hand, it's a meditational experience. Imagine how long it has taken for that rock to form in its current state. Amazing. I can spend hours admiring Lake Erie's rocks.

The artist Mitsura Koga is also fascinated by rocks. He states that: "Natural objects [are] constantly changing under the influence of the external world." He interacts with natural objects, in a minimal way, "creating a bridge between nature and human beings." The result is remarkable, have a look:

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