Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Installation Art

Below I mentioned an installation piece by the artist Olga Ziemska. This got me thinking about installation pieces and how fascinating they are. When working on an installation piece the artist attempts to make a comprehensive experience based on their unique aesthetic. A gestalt, if you will. I submit that the artist doesn't even have to know why they do what they do, merely that they are compelled to do it. I am sure contemporary art education forces the artist to conceptualize, and to even articulate their intention. But in my humble opinion, the words and theories are secondary to the sensory experience. Here are some fascinating installation pieces. My favorites are the ones that upcycle (what some may consider) garbage. Hope you enjoy!

Any discussion of installation art must include the most well known installation artists, Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Although there is some debate about defining their work as installation art since it's outside. It does however, change the perception of the space they are working in, so I would argue that it is indeed installation art. No matter, their works are so ambitious they boggle the mind.

Joey Slaughter renders his organic paintings into 3D form. I adore his paintings and his sculptures.

Above images by Abbey Hendrickson as part of her graduate thesis. Check out Abbey's aptly named blog, Aesthetic Outburst. It's one of my favorites. Abbey features many wonderful installation artists on her blog.

Above images two images from Abbey's flickr set. I love how she collects ordinary objects and makes them into art. The picture of the forks is from her daughter's birthday party. Abbey sees beauty in ordinary objects. Everything she puts together is like an installation. I've written about Abbey's work on this blog several times. See previous posts, here.

This grouping by unknown artist. I think it's totally fab. If you know the artist, please email me.

Above work by prolific artist Elsita via her blog The Hidden Seed.

Installation art is not just for galleries and public spaces. It can be incorporated into your home as this fab room divider shows. It's made of empty tape roles with coffee cup lids. A great example of upcycling. Love it. Wish I'd thought of it. Heather and Paul's Welcoming Nest via Apartment Therapy.

Urban Outfitters, Beachwood, Ohio. Image by Peggy. This incredible piece is made of soda bottle caps. They had a number of amazing pieces, I'd love to know the artist is who works for UO. They had an incredible piece made of bicycle parts and fake flowers, but the store manager got mad at me for taking pictures.

Flower Child. Image by Peggy.

Damian Ortega. Awesome.

Stuart Haygarth. This is another fine upcycled piece. The organic looking elements are actually the bottom of plastic soda bottles.

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