Friday, March 12, 2010

Blogging: House Beautiful

If you haven't seen the March 2010 issue of House Beautiful, you simply must! It is a jaw dropper! It's devoted entirely to Blue! A color that I have been falling madly in love with. Remember this gorgeous room from a previous post? Well, it's the featured home in House Beautiful. If you are a lover of blue, you simply must pick up the magazine! Snuggle in with your favorite tea and enjoy.

The featured home has me drooling, I can't stop looking at it. Look at those fab lamps from Swank Lighting. Love them. As if that's not enough, this house sports one of my favorite chandeliers, that I wrote about here. They even talk about silver and blue, a combination I am madly in love with. If you are not in love with blue, I guarantee you will be when you have finished reading the magazine. If you are in love with blue, you will be even more deeply in love.
Disclaimer: I am not a smoker, I just think vintage ashtrays are cool. And the color of this piece fit right in.

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