Friday, March 12, 2010

My collections, part 2: what's in my closets

Organization pleases me. I am happiest when everything is in its place. My place is small, but there is plenty of storage space. But, I still like negative space. Closets out of control cause needless and avoidable anxiety. After my first round of downsizing (more to come) here is what's left in my closets and cupboards, for now.
One thing I won't miss about this apartment is the kitchen. I have the ugliest kitchen on Planet Earth. There are a lot of cupboards, though. The kitchen's appearance would've been vastly improved if the cupboards were painted white, but I never fooled myself into thinking that I would do it. I'm way too lazy for that. I love plain white dishes, and I love the feeling of opening a cupboard and viewing organized contents. I guess I'm anal. Note the top shelf. It's empty. I have several empty shelves in my kitchen, and not just from downsizing. Like I said, I like to allow some negative space.

More cupboard space in my kitchen. I will be keeping the blue pieces as they are some of my favorites, and two were gifts from my sister-in-law. I may be keeping the fuchsia piece, I love the color. Note the dust on the door of the cupboard. Another thing I won't miss - the dust! This is by far the dustiest place I've ever lived. Believe it or not, that is only one day's worth of dust. I turned my heater off this winter. I preferred to freeze and use blankets because of the dust. I am totally over old buildings. Fuck character, I want clean and modern. Do you know that my landlord told me I should not go barefoot in my kitchen because the tiles were made of asbestos? It's true. But, he bestowed this piece of wisdom after he replaced the tiles. I'd already been walking on them for about five years. And the mold in my my bathroom, forget about it! Remember the adventure with my bathroom? (See previous post here.) Maybe my health will improve after I move. Gotta look on the bright side.

My hall closet after vast downsizing. I don't think all of this will make the move. I'm thinking I will sell the tall white glass vase and the blue bowl on the top right. And I'm thinking I will donate the pink and lavender flower pots to the right. If you are a reader of my blog, and see anything that you'd like drop me an email and I will send it to you as a thank you for reading!

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