Monday, March 15, 2010

My apartment, for today

My apartment. It's humble, small, dusty and noisy. But I love it. This tiny place has spurred so much creativity. I want my apartment to be glamorous, feminine with an edge, yet simple. Pink is my favorite color. I love pretty things, but hate clutter. Plus it's got to function as a work/live space. A tall order for 450 square feet. Here's its current incarnation.
Live work area. Since the TV is no longer necessary, I moved the sofa by the computer. I wish I had a white Parsons table for the work area.

I love textiles.

New sitting room, described below.

Thank you for humoring me over the last week as a I obsessed about Spring cleaning, rearranging and the possibility of a move. I won't bore you with my apartment for a few days anyway. xxoo

1 comment:

Jessie said...

Its kinda ironic that you may move into a house and I will be moving into a small apartment. lol ;) Kinda funny how things worked out!!! Your apartment is cute. I can't wait to decorate one!!!


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