Friday, March 12, 2010

My collections

I find it fascinating that we are all curators. I love to see what people display in their homes. Since I am going through a downsize (described below), I thought I'd examine my own collections. As you know, I don't believe in storage. What you own should fit into your home, with some negative space to spare. If something is going into storage in your basement, attic, garage or (gasp) an expensive storage unit (unless you own a shop), then I submit that you don't need it. Just sayin'. Relieve yourself of the pressure of believing you will ever get to all of those projects. Buy cheap and then when you're tired of it, donate it back. Objects are meant to be dynamic.
That said, I'd like to show you my processing as I start to downsize. Even though I have a very small studio apartment, I still have a lot of stuff. I cleaned a lot this week, some things were sold, some are gifts for friends and some were donated to the Salvation Army.
My pink Mikasa set. I bought this years ago for cheap. This is a keeper. I've considered selling it, but this is one of my favorite things. As you know pink is my favorite color.

I love vintage melamine, especially in pink. I used to have a whole collection of it. This is all that's left and I'll probably keep it. It's easy to move and lightweight. The white vase to the top right is a gift for someone special.

Swid Powell creamer and sugar set. Sold! At a profit! Hooray!

Donated. I've enjoyed playing with the placement of these vases and photographing them. Even though I've enjoyed them, I can't seem to find a place where they work in my current decor. I thank them for serving me, I fill them with blessings and send them on their way. I don't look back, I know someone will love them and that makes me happy. And besides that, they are in my virtual collection now. Virtual collections take up a lot less room, and require a lot less dusting. :)

I love photographing vases. Click here to see gray vase in a shot that I am pleased with.

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