Monday, March 15, 2010

My apartment - what's new

A sitting room! As you know, I did a lot of Spring cleaning last week, and rearranged my furniture. I set up a sitting room in my dining area. It's a wonderful place to sit and brainstorm, read a magazine or just stare out the window.

Something else that's new for me - I decided to pile up my paintings in there. Now a potential client and I have a place where we can share a cup of coffee, and discuss art while they peruse my paintings.

I've always loved the look of paintings piled up in artists' homes, but I've never done it myself. It gave me a good feeling. It's like a statement of confidence. I'm a real artist. The influence for piling up the paintings is this picture of Marcus Samuelsson among his paintings.

1 comment:

May Brady said...

I love your use of throw cushions and colour-pairing, looks lovely and bright.


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