Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh no, Chiasso!

Today was another beautiful sunny day. I have a big case of Spring fever. My Chiasso catalog arrived today, such a treat. Apparently, the buyers, stylists, editors and photographers at Chiasso have Spring fever as well. The cover is gorgeous! So - ahem - sunny.

I love the sunset artwork, the white sofa, the rug. The donetello coffee table is too groovy. I want it! It reminds me of Patricia Urquiola's fat fat table (see previous post here). Space age design with pops of color from the painting and rug. Fabulous use of yellow. Congrats on a beautiful cover to the staff of Chiasso.


I love this use of yellow, but my obsession for turquoise continues. I have been doing a lot of Spring cleaning. Letting go and clearing out feels good, it's time to lighten up. How is your Spring cleaning going?


pink said...

haha! what spring cleaning? i feel like that will make the weather turn to snow again but i can't wait til we are actually in spring!

Jessie said...

I about passed out when I saw the cover. I want everything!!!!!!!!! Hopefully someday Chiasso will be in my budget. lol

Peggy said...

Hi Pink, yes I really got a jump on my cleaning.

Jessie, yes I know! I almost passed out too! I think I said something very profound like, "Holy shit!"


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