Thursday, March 4, 2010

and because I can't stop making things...

Dear readers, I really want a new lamp. Something feminine and funky, preferably glass. I'd love to have this lamp. Since any lamp I like costs about a zillion dollars, it's not to be until I win the lottery. I was looking at pantyhose at Target today. I have a lamp in my closet with a paper shade. Hmm, maybe I could cover the shade with black hose for a romantic look.
I bought a pair for $1.99, cut them up and draped them on the lamp to see how they'd look.

I like it. Even just casually draped like this, it's kinda cute. Like shabby chic meets glam.

I decided to make it a little more tailored and sewed the pieces to the shade. Now what to close the two pieces? Buttons? Fabric flowers I had in my stash? I like the look of the three flowers, but decided to keep it more simple.

Bam! As you know I'm not very good at DIY projects. I'm more of an idea person. Execution is a problem for me, because I'm a perfectionist. I accepted the fact that the project wouldn't be perfect and just went with it. I like it!

I had some nylon left over. And because I can't stop making things, I made this sweet little bracelet. For $1.99 I have a new lamp and bracelet. Bam! Total glam! xxoo


Anonymous said...

I love it! You are SOOO creative!

Peggy said...

Thanks Dee!


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