Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today I have turquoise on the mind. It is a color I think about often. The perfect turquoise can be elusive. I prefer the teal blue turquoise, as opposed to the aqua turquoise. One of my favorite posts featured all turquoise lamps. See previous post here.

I want to add turquoise to my decor, with lots of pink and white.

Isn't this cute? It's a new ring that I got for cheap at Pier 1.

My turquoise vases.

Turquoise fabric with pink fabrics. Love this color combination.

Turquoise items cleverly displayed in a window. I love doing reflection shots. For more of my reflection shots, see my flickr set here.

Turquoise pillow from Etsy user sassypillows. Now this is what I call the perfect shade of turquoise. Thinking of ordering two.

Look at this totally fab chandelier! I'm sure this is too expensive for my budget, but it would look great in my sleeping area. I fantasize about having a chandelier and totally going glam in my apartment. Image from Elle Decor.

This image from flickr user Christianna's Earthly Delights. She made the sofa cover and pillows. She is so talented, I wish I could sew like that. Her home is beautiful. Check out her flickr set.

Gorgeous pendant from Etsy user 1480degrees.

Mod dish from Etsy user jensstudio.
Stay tuned. I think I will be experimenting with turquoise paint in the next couple of days.

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