Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reasons to Live, No. 96

When you're feeling blue, the cosmos will send you an angel ..... or two. All you have to do is listen.

Image via Cloud 9.

That day the angels took the form of Wesley Washington and Jimmy Love, together they are Cloud 9. And the name is appropriate.

Now it's not unusual for me to go to lunch feeling blue. But that particular day, I was almost numb, lifeless. As I walked to the The Arcade, I felt empty and not present. I can't even remember what my turkey sandwich tasted like, or if I even ate it.

Then I heard sweet music. Guitar, singing and the most beautiful whistling. I looked and saw two angels serenading me. The lyrics were especially poignant. "You can be a superhero," they said.

Image by Peggy.

The melancholy was no contender for these sweet guys. The ennui vanished, my mood uplifted. I stopped to chat them up. Wanted to let them know that I appreciated their art. Two guys, just doin' their thing, workin' to make their dreams come true, is how they described themselves. Yeah, cuz corporate jobs are death, said one. I may be paraphrasing - or maybe even projecting.

The message was clear. We just need to remember who we are. And we can be anything we choose to be - even a superhero.

Thanks for the love guys. I wish you all the best. One day I'll be saying, I knew them when.

Image by Peggy. For more peace sign photography, click here.

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